The Alta Vista Neighborhood Association (AVNA) is one of San Antonio’s first neighborhood associations. It was founded in the 1970s by some neighbors who had the foresight to understand that City Hall listened and responded to organized groups.

Our neighborhood is a narrow corridor holding about a 1,400 households that is bordered by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to the west, Hildebrand Avenue to the north, San Pedro Avenue to the east, and Myrtle Street on the south. The Association’s main goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life for all residents of Alta Vista.

Through the years, AVNA has been at the forefront of maintaining and expanding city services. AVNA led the fight for the North Flores Drainage Project after the life of a beautiful young woman was lost to high water at Five Points, which is just to the south of Alta Vista. The Association is also responsible for helping to restore our beautiful and historic San Pedro Springs Park.

Some of the other items that have been accomplished are the Midtown Neighborhoods Plan as well as the Alta Vista Conservation District overlay, the Fulton Street Drainage Project, the North Flores resurfacing, and the beautification of the Gramercy and West King Highway traffic Islands.

The North Flores (Fulton to Lynwood) sidewalk and curb project was recently completed. We led the $1 million dollar restoration of the San Pedro Branch Library and stopped its closure. Built in 1929, this was the first public library in San Antonio. AVNA was also at the table when $17 million was invested in Mark Twain Middle School. We also partnered with UU Housing to bring five new home constructions and multiple owner occupied rehabilitations.

Each household receives a newsletter, with updated information on our neighborhood and services, hand carried by volunteers to each household eight months out of the year. Working committees are assigned various tasks to assist all Alta Vista residents. The committees vary from year to year. Please see our Programs page for more information.

Alta Vista is one of this city’s most admired and respected neighborhood associations. It leads fairly, shows compassion, but is ready to fight for neighbors’ rights to live comfortably and safely. We cannot do this work without assistance from our neighbors. We need our residents to support the organization that is working for them. The easiest way to do this is to join the Alta Vista Neighborhood Association. Our dues are $10 per individual per year and $20 for businesses.